About Me

You can call me Liz

I have been at Williams College since earning my PhD at Boston University in 2019. Prior to BU, I taught high school mathematics for three years and earned my Masters of Education degree from Harvard. I also spent three years working in finance and analyzing the currency market. I am passionate about teaching mathematics and statistics, and I love working with researchers across disciplines as a statistical consultant.

Outside of my research and teaching I enjoy spending time with my family. I met my partner, Ted, at Bell in Hand (America’s Oldest Tavern!) in Boston, MA. My oldest daugher, Eleanor, was born in 2016 (two days after I found out that I passed my PhD qualifying exams!). My two youngest kiddos, Maxwell and Penelope, were born in October 2020. The three of them keep me busy. I also love skiing and cheering on the New England Patriots (#54 forever).

I am often asked about what it is like to have children while pursuing a PhD and pre-tenure. Apparently I didn’t think having Eleanor during my studies was challenging enough…I needed to one-up myself by having twins during my second year at Williams, ha. But seriously, this is a topic that isn’t discussed openly enough. If you want to talk about it, please feel free to reach out to me via email. I am happy to share my story and the stories of others I have heard along the way. The article below was written while I was at Boston University.